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Sinuses Septoplasty is a procedure performed to straighten the central wall within the nose that is displaced into one of the nasal passages and causes chronic nasal obstruction not relieved with decongestant medication. This usually a result of some kind of trauma to the nose, but not necessarily a trauma extensive enough to cause fracture of the nasal bones or the external nasal appearance. This procedure is usually successful 95-98% of the time. It entails an incision made in the nose to lift the lining of one side, overlaying the cartilage of the nose and on both sides overlaying the bone. Bone and cartilage that is out of place is incised and removed, to relieve the obstruction. Sometimes there is some weakening of the cartilage necessary in order to get it to lie in the midline. The incision is closed with absorbing sutures and usually silastic splints are placed in the nose, to put the lining back down and reapproximate the lining to the cartilage and bone, or to the other mucosal lining on the other side. This helps to reestablish blood supply. This is not intended to hold the septum straight. Significant complications result from scarring and from elevation of the lining of the nose on both sides of the cartilage, and if a defect is created, sometime a septal perforation results, which can result in abnormal air turbulence and giving a sensation of nasal obstruction and recurrent crusting and bleeding of the nose. Small septal perforations posteriorly are usually not a problem, but the more anterior they are can cause crusting and bleeding of the nose. Most people have some discomfort, nasal congestion, bloody mucus drainage.

Use of pain medication, decongestant, anitbiotic and salt water nose spray, are essential in the care of the nose until the splints are removed, and then thereafter. Splints are usually removed 4-7 days post-operatively, depending upon the patients status. This is usually checked again at one month post-operatively to make sure the procedure has been successful.

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