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Polypectomy is a procedure performed to remove edematous tissue that is in the nasal passage, causing nasal obstruction. This is almost always associated with chronic sinus disease. This can be removed in the office for biopsy purposes and to relieve acute nasal obstruction.

These are almost always originated from the sinuses and if they are not totally removed, they commonly recur in 70-90% of the time, within 3 years of the polypectomy. People who have chronic polyps within their nose or sinuses related to allergy or chronic sinus disease, may have recurrences of these polyps in the post operative period, or subsequent follow-up with their surgeon at any time. Depending on the extent the sinus surgery done previously with removal of previous polyps, usually treatment can be done via steroid nose sprays, oral steroids and antibiotic therapy, causing significant reduction of sinus polyps. If it is causing gross nasal obstruction, due to lack of follow-up, these can be removed by using a nasal sinus derider with suctioning, opening of the nasal passage so breathing is accomplished, followed by nasal steroids, antibiotics, and oral steroids.

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