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Facial Plastic Surgery

A series of procedures that are commonly done by otolaryngologist or head and neck surgeons, or ear, nose and throat surgeons who have extensive experience and training. There is varied training throughout the country in otolaryngology residency programs and some otolaryngologists are comfortable doing these procedures on a regular basis. The most common procedure done by an otolaryngologist or ear nose and throat surgeon, that is related to plastic surgery is a septoplasty, in conjunction with rhinoplasty for correction of external nasal deformity.

Other procedures that are performed that are facial plastic surgery procedures include: scar revision, facial reconstruction after fractures, blepharoplasty, rhytidectomy, brow lift, sub mental liposuction, and laser facial resurfacing. These procedures are done for the patients who wish to change the appearance of their nose or facial features. Usually when surgery is done for changing the facial features, it due to the aging process.

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