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Additional procedures that are done in conjunction with blepharoplasty, face lift, etc. are augmentation. Augmentation can be done for the mandibular jaw line and chin. Augmentation is also commonly done for the malar bones or submalar area. These are thing done to provide greater esthetic appearance and are usually done at the discretion of the patient upon request.

Sometimes the surgeons will make these recommendations and will not charge for anything more than the prosthesis itself if they make the suggestion that this needs to be done in order to provide maximum esthetic result.Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a procedure that is not done commonly. It helps with making the lips more full appearing. Injection of collagen has not been found to be particularly helpful . Fat injection resorbs as well, and is not particularly helpful and has to be redone. The most significant, newer alternatives have to do with Aloederm. This can be done under local anesthesia in the surgeons office. This can be done in patients who have normal appearing lips who want more fullness, or in those patients who have what is commonly known as a harelip,in order to provide what would be considered a relatively normal appearance. This also helps in eliminating some of the increased wrinkles of the lips. This material is also used for the nasal labial fold, to decrease its appearance. As in any foreign material that is placed, this does have some resorption which is unpredictable. Most commonly,at least 30-50% of the material that is placed, persists for an extended period of time and reproducing the same procedure in the future, with the same type of material, can be done without consideration of significant complications.

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